Day 1

Arizona Fun fact

The state of Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. The only exception is Navajo nation. There is actually a stretch of 264 where, if driven during DST, involves six time zone changes in under 100 miles. This is a much more efficient path to six time zone changes than my 5000mi/9mo route.

My day began with a crisp 23° morning just outside of Flagstaff, AZ. I didn’t want to backtrack to the grocery store in town, so I picked up a couple honey buns from the travel stop outside town and hit the road to Sedona. A few people recently mentioned how beautiful Sedona is, and I have to give them credit they were not wrong. There were prescribed burns today, so these photos don’t do the walk justice but it was magical.

I didn’t get a ton of shots because the smoke was just overpowering in a lot of places, but today was one of the top three prettiest walks of my journey. The town of Sedona actually might be the prettiest town I’ve walked through.

I want to thank Michael McClure for adding some miles to my journey by buying my newest pair of shoes. During my walk through Las Vegas in April I was fortunate enough to meet Shirley, Sylvia, and Michael—also known as the racetrack crew. They were the first group I shared my goals with openly, and they were so open and enthusiastic that I stopped being embarrassed by having such big dreams that day. I’d shared my ambitions with strangers before this point, but it always required a little prying on their part. Michael picked up the tab for my breakfast that day too, and while the full stomach was a fantastic addition to the day, it was nothing compared to walking away with the support of my three new friends. The Race Track Crew has remained in touch and active in my journey since. I even had the opportunity to catch up with Shirley when she hosted me during my walk up the Pacific Coast. Also, thank you to anybody who recently Venmo’d me for absolutely no reason, that cha-ching notification hits different when you’re not expecting it.

It’s Time

My daily posts will start today. They won’t always be long or cover much, but I’ll keep them consistent. I’ll begin sharing screenshots of my route and miles covered for the day so I’m easier to keep track of and also because someone drifted out of their lane and into my dms to claim there was no way I regularly walked thirty miles a day. This is nonsense of course. When Heather Anderson completed her triple crown (~8,000 miles) and became the first female to complete it in a calendar year(8 months) she averaged right around 30 miles and that was on trail. Anyway, I thanked him for offering his personal limitations, but returned them because they were a few sizes too small. I understand where his disbelief came from though, I don’t share evidence proving my distance covered and I’ll be better about it in the future to keep this kind of thing from happening.

I’m on my way down to Phoenix to catch my flight on the 22nd. The Mccrystal’s, whom I actually dedicated my first blog post to, invited me to land in their home in San Francisco for Thanksgiving, so I’ll be there for a week. Following my stay with them I’ll be tackling the Grand Canyon, I plan to do the rim to rim hike, and then do a couple of hikes in Sedona before I begin trekking east to tackle Petrified Forrest on my way to New Mexico.

The Road to the Atlantic

The above route is a rough draft of my through Florida and its national parks. Following that I am heading to Maine and hope to see Acadia for its fall colors. The plan is to do the Appalachian trail up, and the timing has it looking viable. I’ll dive more into all of this later because this post has already gotten far too wordy, but just know the future looks exciting. I’m falling into a rhythm for the first time since I hit the coast. My foot has been a nagging issue that’s made finding a flow for more than a few days in a row impossible. With the return of my strength, my mileage is climbing high enough to allow me to veer off path to keep things interesting. I’m excited and I’ve written far too much so I’m cutting this off here. These posts won’t be so wordy in the future, I promise.

Other Shenanigans

Here’s a few more of the days happenings if you made it this far.

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