A Walk Across America: A Motto

I’m nearing 4,500 miles as I approach Yellowstone National Park; the same Yellowstone that will begin the journey that resets those miles to zero. My days to zero. People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them this. What’s the point of wasting all those miles? Well I hope to answer that questionContinue reading “A Walk Across America: A Motto”

A Walk Across America: Bits of Ugly

Have you ever asked a stranger how they’re doing and found yourself entrenched in the hellfire of the day they’ve had? You know the ones where you walk away concerned about PTSD? You didn’t swear an oath to hold their hand under the shower of mortars their personal life is dropping on them, and it’sContinue reading “A Walk Across America: Bits of Ugly”

Use It Until You Lose It

I can’t hold it any longer. I leap out of my sleeping bag and into the frosty morning. My bladder is about to burst. Traffic rushes by while I dance my way into my shoes and fumble with my belt. I do my best covert pee-pee dance over to the only shrub tall enough toContinue reading “Use It Until You Lose It”

Winter is Coming

It’s 5AM. I wake startled. Not sure what yanked me out of my slumber. What is it? Was it the sound of footsteps? My forehead is assaulted by something wet and cold. Please no. Another raindrop pelts me in the forehead. Shit. I roll to over to my side, pull my sleeping bag over myContinue reading “Winter is Coming”

Ten Things I’m Grateful For

I want to start a weekly post where I share ten things I’m grateful for in order to give you guys an idea of the day to day things I experience. This week it’ll be from the last ten days, but in the future I’ll just do one every Sunday. Kind Strangers With my footContinue reading “Ten Things I’m Grateful For”

A Walk Across America: Day 0 – Find Your Cat Food and Pounce

Walls of trees stand to each side of me. Tall bouncers with their barreling arms branching out and interweaved with each other. Red rover red rover we call the hobo in the pink shirt over. Flowing water tings as it meets the rocky creek bed below. Somewhere beyond the bouncers I can hear the splashContinue reading “A Walk Across America: Day 0 – Find Your Cat Food and Pounce”

Wake Up And Send It

Four years ago today I drove home after seven weeks in New York assisting at one of our distribution centers. This was the fifth time I’d travelled out there to help, and it was the first time I’d ever driven home. It was an act of defiance. I was pouting. I walked into work thatContinue reading “Wake Up And Send It”

A Walk Across America: Time to Feel Naked

Hey guys, I’m walking across America. Well, something like that. Technically I’ve already walked from Illinois to San Diego, CA, to Newport, OR, but that was the hike to the trailhead. I’m heading east to Yellowstone to begin the ~20,000 mile journey through all 63(?) of the national parks. That’s the main trail and IContinue reading “A Walk Across America: Time to Feel Naked”

Finding Emotional Movement in My Walk Across America

Somewhere on the coast of California: The day is coming to an end and it’s time to take in another sunset from the beach. I’m worn out, but that’s not surprising. My days always start fast and end slow. The day’s mileage wears down my inner hare until all that’s left is my inner turtleContinue reading “Finding Emotional Movement in My Walk Across America”